Hilarious moment overly-supportive parents give a mini demonstration to their baby on how to roll over


This new parent just cannot wait to see their newborn taking his or her first step but before they reach the milestone, the babies first need to learn to roll over.

Some babies may be able to roll over as early as three or four months old. However, there are times when it needs more than just waiting for them to get into the phase.

So, in a bid to see their baby rolling over for the first time, these super supportive parents do everything they can to help their babies to do so, including demonstrating how to roll over!

In this heartwarming video, these parents can be seen showing to their baby step-by-step tutorial on how to roll over

First, starts with lying down on the bed.

Next, kick both of your legs for that extra push and roll to the side

The video shows all the babies eventually manage to roll over after observing their parent rolling to their side

While babies will naturally learn how to roll over on their own, it is never wrong to do a little demonstration to them and show how it is done.

Who knows that your baby might actually learn how to roll over earlier than expected all thanks to your demonstration!

Watch the tender moment babies learn how to roll over from their parent in this video here


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