Israel team stuns everyone in the 2018 World Acrobatics Gymnastics Championship with their amazing gymnastics routine


The 2018 World Acrobatics Gymnastics Championship has seen world’s best gymnasts competing for gold medals and it was nothing short of amazing gymnastic routines.

This year, the European teams swept most of the gold medals with Russia dominating the ranks with their stunning record-breaking performances while Israel won one title.

The World Championships which was held between 13-15 April saw astonishing and super-synchronised routines among the contenders

One of the amazing teams is the representatives from Israel who showed an amazing level of precision and incredible teamwork 

Such an extraordinary routine is obviously the result of years of training and discipline. It would be very difficult for these athletes to achieve perfection if they did not have a high level of concentration.

The 2018 World Acrobatics Gymnastics Championship saw Russia brought home 5 world titles and Israel with one title

Meanwhile, only four medals of the 18 medals went to non-European countries. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea walked away with two silver medals in women’s pair and men’s pair while China bagged a silver in the men’s group finals and bronze in the women’s group event.

These young and talented athletes from Israel prove that they just did not compete to win but also there to enjoy deliver a great performance to the judges and audience.

Their big smile after winning a gold medal reflected their effort and passion

Watch their impressively stunning gymnastic routines in the 2018 World Acrobatics Gymnastics Championship here 

Credit: European Union of Gymnastics | Acrobatics 2018


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