Killar-Kishtwar Road is one of the greatest nightmares for drivers—overhanging cliff, no guardrails and extremely narrow road


Forget about driving through this dangerous road if you are prone to vertigo and car sickness.

Dubbed as one of the greatest nightmares for drivers, Killar-Kishtwar Road is only for the brave and courageous hearts who are willing to risk their lives should the drive takes a wrong turn.

Seasoned mountaineer Mick Fowler recorded his vertigo-inducing experience crossing one of the most dangerous roads in the world—Killar-Kishtwar Road.

Fowler and his partner, Paul Ramsden were on their first attempt to conquer Kishtwar Kailash Himalaya in October 2013 when they had to drive through the terrifying mountainous road to the base camp of Kishtwar Kailash Himalaya.

The basecamp is located in a very remote region and the only way to get to the place is by driving through the extremely dangerous road

Stretched about 243 kilometres, the hazardous mountain trail is windy and very narrow that it can barely fit a car.

Adding to the list is the absence of the guardrail alongside the trail

One accidental slip could instantly result in a tragic death straight into the Chenab River that is hundreds of meters below the cliff.

In his video, the road can be seen crowded of gravel, sand and stones with the overhanging cliff hang so low that the driver must carefully avoid to make a safe road trip

As if that is not challenging enough, there are rocks hanging down which obstruct the driver’s view of oncoming traffic and the sharp turns that leave countless blind spots for the driver.

Watch the scariest and extreme road trip that Fowler and his friend, Ramsden had to go through during their journey to the mountain’s base camp here 

Credit: Dangerous Roads | YouTube/Berghaus


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