Hero tortoise saves the day by helping his overturned friend gets on his feet back


Good friends are the ones who will always be there for you through thick and thin, or for these tortoises, the ones who will always get your back.

This tortoise may have gone through a rough day when he accidentally overturned himself in a very amusing fall but at least, he knew that he has a reliable and loyal friend.

In this video, the tortoise finds himself in a very unfortunate position as he gets overturned

Unlike other animals who could easily get on their feet back, this tortoise has a hard time to get on his feet back.

For tortoises, their round, hard shell very much leaves them struggling if they accidentally get on their back.

However, lucky for this tortoise, his friend immediately comes to rescue him from the embarrassing overturn accident

The kind tortoise quickly goes to the side of his overturned friend and uses all his might to flip his friend back to his feet

The kind-hearted tortoise even walks behind his friend after the incident, probably just to make sure that he does not fall on his back again!

The hilarious incident is reported to occur at Taipei Zoo in Taiwan in which YouTube user, AuDi Yu managed to capture the amusing footage.

Watch how this hero tortoise saved the day by helping his overturned friend out in this video here

Credit: YouTube/AuDi Yu


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