Smart dog is the cutest hostess in South Korea—she helps her owner by serving and greeting customers


There are dogs who follow their owner to their restaurant to offer some help but none of them is as good as this dog!

Meet Haneul, the dog hostess in a restaurant in South Korea who not only greet customers who come to her owner’s restaurant but also serves them and helps her owner.

For the past seven years, Hanuel has been helping her owner at the restaurant and she is quite skilled at performing her duties

When the customers enter the restaurant, she will be the first one to greet them.

Even her three cute puppies follow her gesture and bow to the customers as they walk in

Not only that, Haneul is also readily available to serve the customers and give them wet tissues and menu when they are seated at the table

She also has her own piggy bank which she saves all the tips that she gets from the customers.

In the video, she can be seen opening a trash can which is her piggy bank to drop some cash that she gets earlier 

The adorable hostess is also quick and hardworking.

One shot of the video reveals that she quickly goes to pick up plastic cups when the customer complains that the coffee machine is out of cups.

Haneul also helps in cleaning the restaurant and surprisingly, she collects rubbish and utensils that fall under the table but the smart dog throws the rubbish away while she passes the utensils to the owner.

The dog is obviously good at her job and likes to be around the restaurant. Good job, Haneul!

Watch Haneul the dog hostess in this video here

Credit: YouTube/SBS TV


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