Stunning video of fruit carving art reveals the never-before-seen watermelon lantern


Fruit carving is a form of art that requires one to be extremely creative and careful to carve out intricate patterns and shapes on a fruit.

While typical fruit carving shows oranges or apples turn into swans or rabbits, this fruit carving trend in China sees a watermelon turns into a beautiful lantern!

The video shows how the man carves out intricate details of a lantern on a huge watermelon

The watermelon has been cut in an incredibly mesmerising way that it expands to form a long lantern with beautiful and detailed white links.

The outer skin of the watermelon reveals an interlocking pattern that allows for the watermelon lantern to hang beautifully like a real Chinese lantern

A rope is also attached on top of the watermelon lantern to help support the weight of the fruit.

When the rope is pulled and the lantern hangs in the air, the intricate details and carving show that the watermelon lantern has been carved into four sections

The video of this stunning fruit carving art was first posted on Instagram recently and it quickly caught the attention of many people around the world.

Many were captivated by the stunning details of the watermelon lantern and the fact that watermelon can also be used in fruit carving art.

Watch the inspiring video of this watermelon lantern here


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