This simple DIY bottle game can keep your dog entertained for hours


Ever wondered how to make a homemade toy for your dog that requires little effort and no money?

This homemade toy is absolutely easy to make and it only needs two things.

Owner Eveline Poot made this brilliant homemade toy for her Belgian Malinois dog, Bella, since she has so much energy and wants to play all the time.

Realising that store-bought toys are expensive and Bella gets bored easily after playing with them for a while, Eveline came up with this smart idea.

Not only that Bella loves her new toy, but it also keeps her entertained for hours!

Furthermore, this homemade toy is can be customised according to your budget and your dog’s preference.

As seen in the video, Eveline used three large plastic bottles as Bella is quite a big pooch but you can also use smaller bottles to accommodate your dog’s size

For smaller dogs, you can use 500 ml bottles.

After you have decided on the size of the bottles, now it is the time to make the frame. A rectangle or square frame that can fir your bottles is good enough

The next thing you have to do is to run a metal rod through the bottles and make sure that the bottles can be easily spin 

The result is a simple homemade bottle game that your dog will keep on playing with for hours!

Check out how Bella plays her bottle game in this video here

Credit: YouTube/Eveline Poot


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