Mimosa Pudica, the most sensitive plant in the world that will instantly droop if you touch it


We often overlook the fact that plants are also a living organism just like humans and animals since they do not move freely and speak.

However, unlike the rest of plants, this unique weed reveals to us that plants could also respond to touch.

Called the common sensitive plant or its scientific name, Mimosa Pudica, this amazing plant moves like no other when someone touches it

Also known as tickle-me-plant or touch-me-not, this very shy plant can be in many places around the world although it is actually native to Latin America.

Very sensitive to touch, this plant will fold and drop its pinnate leaves if it is disturbed

Even more amazing, this shy plant will collapse all its leaves and reveal its stems if it is continually touched

While to many, this plant is extremely shy or sensitive, this is actually one of Mimosa Pudica’s brilliant tactics to avoid being eaten.

It usually takes an hour for the plant to return back to its initial form

Apart from touch, the common sensitive plant is also sensitive to other changes like changes in temperature or barometric pressure, light and even X-rays

However, it can also learn to ignore changes that are not hostile or meaningless like raindrops.

Watch this short video of Mimosa Pudica here

Credit: Australian Geographic 


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