Spectacular moment ducklings take their first leap and jump off bridge as their proud mother looks on


Taking the first step is always the hardest or in these ducklings’ case, taking the first leap from the bridge.

Luckily, mother duck is always there to guide them and to show them how it is supposed to be done.

In this cute video, these ducklings take their first huge leap off a bridge into the pond underneath.

As part of their essential lessons to survive in the wild, the mother duck teaches them the survival skill on how to land safely on the water after jumping off the bridge.

In the video, the mother duck leads her ducklings to the side of the bridge

She later can be seen standing outside the safety rail to see if the water is clear and safe for her ducklings

After standing at the edge of the bridge for quite a while, the mother duck then flies off and gently land on the water

Now is the time for her ducklings to follow her action but will they listen to her and make their first leap?

The mother duck then glides just right beneath the edge of the bridge where her ducklings gather their courage to jump off the bridge.

Right after she gives a signal to tell them to take a leap, two of the brave ducklings quickly jumped off the bridge and safely land next to their mother!

Not long after that, the rest of the flock follow suit.

We bet that the mother duck could not be prouder!

Watch the funny moment these courageous ducklings take their first leap here


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