Adorable moment panda gets too excited when he sees snow


When winter comes and heavy snow falls, it seems like us humans are not the only ones who are excited at the prospect of playing in the thick snow.

Apparently, this panda may be the most excited one among us when it is winter!

This adorable panda cannot hide his excitement when he sees a thick layer of snow in the yard and he has the best way to enjoy it.

And what better way to play in the snow than rolling in it?

In the video, this panda can be seen having the best time of his life when he happily rolls around in the thick snow

The fun-loving bear even takes his sweet time to lie down in the snowy yard and frolicking around in the chilly weather

The snowy and freezing winter may be a cold weather to us but to this panda, it feels just like at home.

Even though they, too, are capable of snuggling and playing indoors, pandas love it the most when they can just roll around in the snow during winter.

And this cute panda is one of them!

Watch this heartwarming video of adorable panda having the time of his life playing in the snow here


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