CCTV train footage reveals Malaysian boy offers his seat to a pregnant lady while adults ignore her


It is embarrassing to see that people are lacking basic courtesy, especially when using public transportations.

Luckily, this young boy will restore your faith in humanity.

In a recent video that has gone viral on the internet, a pregnant woman can be seen having to resort to standing up on the train while other passengers turn a blind eye on her.

The incident took place on a Kuala Lumpur Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Malaysia.

In the CCTV footage recorded on August 9, the heavily pregnant woman walks onto the train and there are no vacant seats when she enters the train coach

However, no one has offered her a seat. Instead, two adult women and three adult men who occupy the seats around her can be seen ignoring her presence on the train

One lady in a white shirt can be seen throwing a quick glance at the pregnant woman but she later continues to look at her smartphone

Meanwhile, the male passengers on the opposite seats pretend to not notice her by avoiding looking at the pregnant woman.

Seeing that no one offers her a seat, one young boy stands up and offers his seat to the pregnant lady

The video was made viral after a Malaysian personality Ally Iskandar posted the video on his Instagram account by the caption, “Okay, whose kid is this?”

Since then, it has quickly gone viral on social media as many people praise the young boy’s kindness while others slam the selfish adult passengers.

After the video has spread like a wildfire on the internet, it turned out that it was a social experiment set up to raise public awareness about common courtesy

Nevertheless, it is still a good reminder to show how important for us to be thoughtful and kind to other people especially those who need it more than us.

Watch the video here

Credit: FacebookInstagram/allyiskandarrasmi


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