Creative teacher in Mexico gives 28 personalised greetings for her students before class


A teacher in Sinaloa, Mexico knows just the best way to get her students excited to come to her class.

The creative teacher has gone viral on social media for using personalised greetings before she starts her class.

Even more impressive, the teacher does not only give one personalised greeting to her students.

Apparently, she gives all her 28 students custom greetings, all different and unique to each other!

According to the teacher, she knows that it is important for students to feel that they are appreciated and have a sense of belonging to the school.

Hence, she creates the personalised greeting as a way to encourage her students to come to the school

Every day before she starts her class, she dedicates a brief amount of time where she greets each of her students with personalised greetings

From creative handshakes and fist-bumps to high-five, the teacher can be seen giving her students a hug at the end of each greeting

More importantly, the students are loving their new routine and you can tell that they are looking forward to greeting their teacher and do the personalised greeting before the class

The video of the teacher giving 28 personalised greetings was first posted on Facebook and it has since been viewed by tens of thousands of people.

Watch the heartwarming video of the amazing personalised greetings here


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