Fascinating footage of weaver birds building exquisite “love nest” to attract potential mates


There is a unique bird species called weaver birds that will do anything to attract the opposite sex’s attraction, including building an amazing nest.

Weaver birds are small finchlike birds that are well-known for their incredible nest-making craft and skill.

Native to Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Madagascar, males from this bird species will build an exquisite nest to attract their potential mating mate

Most of these birds will create their love nest during the mating season.

These nests are often in the shape of cylindrical with a narrow entrance at the bottom of the nest. Typically the entrance is built next to or nearby a water source

Even though the nest may look ordinary to some, it actually requires a very long and thoughtful process.

First, the male weaver bird has to find a strategic and great location to build the nest. Next, it will start to gather strands of leaves or grass and weave them at the end of a tree branch

The bird will then create a looped basis for the outer body of the nest before completing its hollow inside and the tubular entrance

Even more amazing, the nest is said to be very resilient to tough weathers and heavy wind. It is strong enough to protect the male and its future mate and nestling children.

Watch how this weaver bird creates its love nest in this video here 

Credit: Barcroft TV


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