Levitating street performers’ floating trick explained—there is no hidden superpowers, only physics


It is common to see ‘floating’ street performers in the streets and often, it leaves you with so many questions about how these street performers could easily stand or sit while floating in the air.

Typically these street performers can be seen supporting their body with one rod at one hand, sitting for hours while fascinated onlookers look on with a puzzled expression on their face.

It may look like one of the world’s greatest mystery or something that a yoga devotee can only do. However, this street performance is nothing more than an illusion

These street performers do not have a hidden superpower.

They only have a very stable sitting plate and steel rods that they use to sit or stand on to mesmerise unsuspecting passersby

This street performance’s trick contains three parts: 1) the shaft, 2) the plate, and 3) the seat

Credit: relativelyinteresting

To hide these supporting elements, the performers will cover the plate with a rug or a cloth and wear baggy clothes to hide the seat and the shaft 

Credit: relativelyinteresting

With the help of these parts, the result is an illusion that the performers are floating in the air with just the shaft to support their weight

Credit: relativelyinteresting

So, the next time you see one performing this trick, know that there is a very stable mechanism underneath the baggy clothes.

Nevertheless, check out this awesome ‘floating’ street performance here


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