Hilarious moment king penguin chick waddling behind an unknown adult king penguin for food


One king penguin chick was waiting for his parents to come back from the sea with some food but he obviously could no longer wait for them that he began following an adult king penguin around! 

In a hilarious attempt to beg for some food, the king penguin chick which is still covered by thick brown fur shadows one unknown king penguin around.

Japanese photographer, Matsushita shared the hilarious footage that he captured while he was observing a very large colony of king penguins at Salisbury Plain in South Georgia, USA on Twitter.

The video of the king penguin chick following the adult king penguin has gone viral on Twitter as it has gained over 3.72 million views and been retweeted 70,809 times as of the time of writing

No matter where he goes, the king penguin chick will closely waddle behind him

The adult king penguin even checks behind his back to see if the penguin chick is still following him around

Penguin chicks keep their brown feathers for a year before they shed the brown feathers when entering adulthood.

Like adult penguin’s ‘tuxedo’ fur, penguin chick’s brown feathers also keeps them from the cold and harsh weather

Penguin chicks will usually join a group of other penguin chicks while their parents are out at the sea to search for food.

Occasionally, their parents will return to the land to feed them and go out again to search for food.

However, for this penguin chick, he was willing to follow anyone for food

Looks like this king penguin chick could not bother to wait for his parents that he just simply followed anyone for food!

Watch the hilarious video of this mischievous king penguin chick here

Credit: Twitter/@matsushita_z


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