Adorable moment beavers having fun rubbing plump cheeks as if in a spa


If you think that spa is just for humans, think again because these cute beavers are absolutely into pampering themselves.

Spotted in a very adorable video, these cute beavers are having the time of their lives playing in their pool and one of them has certainly caught the attention of many people around the world.

The beaver looks super relaxed as he leans against a rock while rubbing his plump cheeks as if he was in a spa!

He may be a beaver but that does not mean he cannot enjoy a relaxing bath and take good care of his beauty.

Using his front paws, the beaver rubs all over his face focussing more on his eyes and cheeks

[00:24] Meanwhile, his ‘spa’ buddy is happily rolling continuously in the water next to him

These beavers are irresistibly adorable and now we know how they have been maintaining their adorableness.

[00:30] The video which captures the beavers taking a bath has spread like wildfire on the internet and many people are captivated by these lovely beavers

It is unknown where these latest internet sensations are living but we know that they are having a good time there!

Watch this heartwarming video of these adorable beavers relaxing in their pool here 


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