Amazing moment an elephant uses its trunk to throw empty cans into a rubbish bin at Greater Kruger National Park


A viral CCTV footage captured at Greater Kruger National Park shows one elephant scooping up a rubbish and throws it away in a rubbish bin.

The environmental-conscious elephant is wandering in the backyard of a building in the national park when it suddenly notices two empty cans laying on the ground.

The elephant later can be seen scooping up the first can and throws it perfectly into a rubbish bin nearby

The giant mammal does encounter a little bit of technical problem when it struggles to use its trunk to scoop up the second can 

Nevertheless, the smart animal later uses its front foot to get a better grip of the can before using its trunk to scoop it

Unfortunately, it drops back to the ground. However, the elephant does not give up and scoops it up like it does previously

Like the first can, the elephant then drops the second can into the same rubbish bin

After throwing the cans into the bin, the elephant looks around, as if looking if there are more empty cans.

Probably satisfied that the ground is clean from any rubbish, the elephant then moves to its destination.

Watch the amazing moment the elephant scoops rubbish and throws them into a bin in this video here

Credit: Facebook/Shwe Namkham


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