Baggage handler in South Africa’s Lanseria International Airport goes viral for his amazing work ethics


In the world where it is beginning to become common to see airport staffs mishandle passengers’ baggage, this airport baggage staff has shed a positive light on the career.

Janine Brand was flying from Capetown to Lanseria International Airport on September 5 when she came across an amazing scene at a baggage conveyer belt.

There right before her was a staff named Ephraim Sibeko who was working diligently as he turned each luggage to the right side so that their handle faced outward.

Sibeko did so for the convenience of the passengers so that they could grab their luggage right away from the moving conveyer belt.

The rare scene has absolutely moved Brand who watched him carefully turning the luggage one by one. Brand later shared the video of Sibeko handling the luggage on her Facebook and the video quickly made rounds on the internet.

In her caption: “Meet Ephraim Sibeko…. If you have ever travelled in your life, I’ll bet you 1000 bucks you’ve never seen anyone treat you or your luggage like Ephraim. The guys that usually stand there to receive or check the bags, either just stand and watch or grab and chuck to make space on the conveyor belt.

“He turns every single bag so that the handle of the suitcase is facing forward.” All you do is grab and go.

Next time you travel through Lanseria Airport and you come across Ephraim, stop, thank and tip him because nowhere in the world will you ever receive first class service like that (unless you pay for the service ).

“Please feel free to share this video with all your friends that travel through Lanseria. This man should be promoted to be a global training manager,” she wrote.

The video has been watched 1.4 million times and thousands of people express their admiration for Sibeko for his good work ethic.

Watch how Sibeko handles the luggage in this video 

Credit: Facebook/Janine Brand


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