Here is how to fire up your charcoal grill in no time by using plastic bottles


Everyone loves barbecued food but not anyone has the patience and time to fire up a grill especially if you are using the traditional charcoal grill.

One man noticed this problem and came up with a solution that allows for a quicker and effective way to light up a charcoal grill.

Instead of the typical way of using a fan to help burn the charcoal, this man uses two bottles

In the video, it can be seen that the two bottles have their bottom cut out.

The man layers the two bottles to form an elongated version of a bottle with the two mouths facing the opposite direction

Like when you are using a syringe, push and pull the bottom part of the bottle to create a motion. This method will let you fan directly at the charcoal, unlike the traditional fan.

It might come off as a bizarre method to fan charcoal but this will reduce the time you need to for the charcoal to burn

As the air is blown directly onto the burning charcoal, this will effectively burn the charcoal better and faster.

The result is a quick charcoal grill that you can use in no time!

Watch how the man uses this handmade innovative blower to help him burn the charcoal faster here


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