This hummingbird changes to different colour every time it turns its head


It seems that chameleons are not the only ones that can change their skin colour in the animal kingdom—this hummingbird can too.

In fact, unlike chameleons who could only blend with colours of the trees and leaves to camouflage themselves against predators, this hummingbird can change the colour of its plumage from pine green to bright pink in just seconds.

Known as Anna’s hummingbird,  this special breed of hummingbird can change their colours everytime it turns its head!

In a mesmerising video of the bird, the feathers of this Anna’s hummingbird can be seen changing from pine green to dark green before gradually changes to bright pink

All of these colour changing happens when the bird turns its head to different directions

While it may seem like a magical creature in a fairytale movie, Anna’s hummingbird actually does not sport different colours with every head turn.

According to Kenn Kaufman, the field director at National Audobon Society in an interview with The Dodo, he explained that the hummingbird’s feathers have “microscopic platelet structures”.

As the bird turns its head to different directions, the different angles of the light strike the platelets which in turn results in different shades

This lets our eyes to perceive that this unique hummingbird is changing colour every time it turns its head.

Watch the amazing footage of Anna’s hummingbird flashing its colours in this video here

Credit: The Dodo


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