Amazing footage of an aardvark using its stretchy and sticky tongue to eat termites


This nocturnal animal can eat thousands of termites and small insects every day and this stunning video can prove it!

Meet aardvark, a native to South Africa which has a tubular snout and a long extensible tongue that can easily scoop up thousands of termites in a single lick.

In the amazing video shared by San Diego Zoo, one aardvark can be seen feeding on termites with its elongated tongue

As the video proceeds in a slow-motion mode, the badger-sized burrowing mammal stretches out its tongue into a long tube full of termites.

In just one quick lick, the animal can easily eat thousands of them! 

Aardvark’s tongue which is long and sticky allows it to take in termites and swallow them 

The animals only hunts at night and their incredible sense of smell guides them to an ant or termite mound. Their sharp claws also aids them to tear open the mound.

However, this nocturnal mammal does not destroy the mound in a single visit as they often come back in successive nights to eat the entire colony of termites and ants

Apart from their favourite termites and ants, aardvarks also feed on fruits to quench their thirst and to other nutritions.

Watch how an aardvark uses its super stretchy and sticky tongue to feed on termites here 


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