Hilarious moment jealous baby girl burst into tears every time her parents kiss


For Baby Ella, her mother is for her and only her. Hence, that is why this little girl becomes jealous when she finds out that she has to share her mother with her father.

Ella’s mother, Krissy Hanneken shared a hilarious video showing her baby daughter Ella’s hilarious reaction when Krissy and her husband kiss in front of her.

“Our ‘always happy’ baby girl has a weakness,” Krissy wrote in the video’s caption

“She gets very sad when her Daddy and Mommy kiss.” And it is true!

As seen in the video, Baby Ella is being cradled by her mother when father Matt Hanneken approaches his wife to share a kiss

While both parents slowly move towards each other, Baby Ella is the one least interested in what is coming.

When the couple move to the back to reveal Ella’s face, she is obviously pouting her adorable lips, looking very displeased at her mother

Not long after that, the little girl turns towards her father and burst into tears!

Nevertheless, it seems easy to calm her down as the baby stops crying as soon as her parents kiss her plump cheeks

However, the cycle continues when her cheeky mother and father decide to not stop there when they try to move towards each other again to kiss

And of course, Baby Ella tries to protest back!

Watch the hilarious video of this jealous baby girl when she sees her mother and father kiss in front of her

Credit: YouTube/Matt Hanneken


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