Incredible daytime firework made of rainbow smokes light up the sky with bright colours


Typically, fireworks require a dark backdrop of a night sky to make the colour more visible and outstanding.

However, daytime fireworks are beginning to become the latest craze.

Even though daytime fireworks may come off as an odd choice to some people, the latest trend is catching up throughout the world

Unlike nighttime fireworks, daytime fireworks use special formulations to make the colour brighter against the blue sky.

Many used smoke as the better alternative to make for an incredible daytime firework

Two of the most used types of daytime fireworks include parachute smoke which each parachute is equipped with a smoke bomb and party smoke which is a coloured smoke bomb.

Like nighttime fireworks, daytime fireworks are also used for any major outdoor events like sports or corporate events or as part of a winning celebration

In this video, the daytime fireworks make a splendid display on a roadside with colourful smokes

The amazing display starts off with light blue smokes shoots up to the sky and gradually changes to orange, purple, green to yellow and fuchsia colours

While nighttime fireworks remain as the top choice for most people, these daytime fireworks prove that they look incredibly captivating as well.

Check out this amazing daytime firework here 


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