These are 12 amazing reasons why Japanese bathrooms are the best


Unlike in most countries, Japan has always been very thoughtful and innovative in almost everything they design.

Even their bathroom is not like the ones you will usually see in other countries. This video tells us all about Japanese bathrooms and why they are the best in the world.

Aiko, the Canadian-Japanese little girl who is immensely popular with her YouTube channel, ‘Life Where I’m From’ which shows how the world looks like from the viewpoint of a child shows the unique features of a Japanese bathroom.

In the video, the adorable girl reveals that all traditional Japanese bathrooms are separated into three parts; sink, bath or shower and toilet.

This smart separation system allows three different people to use these areas at the same time

No more waiting for your turn to use the bathroom every morning!

Aiko later proceeds to show that sink is also equipped with a wand spray that can be adjusted to make for a quick and easy wash in the sink

She also explains that one needs to wash their body thoroughly before getting into the bathtub. There is a stool next to the bathtub where you can wash your body

In Japan, family members share the same bath water because it is used for relaxing, not cleansing as the earlier wash has already served the purpose

Hence, the bath water should be kept clean and clear for the people after you

That means no washing your hair or lathering your body with shower gel while you are in the bath.

There is also an emergency button and several other features equipped on the bath

You can control the temperature of the bath water

And also set the bath to fill automatically from the kitchen!

Watch her video here and find out more of why Japanese bathrooms are totally out of the world 

Credit: YouTube/Life Where I’m From


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