A blue jade waterfall on earth is between China and Vietnam in Southeast Asia


Right after Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls and Iquazu Falls, Vietnam and China share the fourth largest waterfall in the world. Ban Gioc-Detian Falls is more than just a wonder of nature.

Ban Gioc waterfall might not be the highest waterfall in the country, but it is the widest

Standing at 30 metres high, the waterfall spans over 300 metres in width making it into one of the most outstanding waterfall sights in the world.

Also known as Ban Gioc-Detian Falls, this waterfall makes peace between Vietnam and China as it sits on the countries’ borders

These two countries had disputes over claiming the waterfall as part of their nations. Until now, it has not been defined.

It is also dated to millions of years old for its multiple drops and layers of terrains

The beautiful blue-jade color appears because the waterfall is on an area surrounded by limestone karsts

There are tourist rafts and boats from China and Vietnam region to bring visitors over to see the magnificent wonder

In the past, the waterfall is used as a crossing point for Chinese soldiers during the Sino-Vietnamese War.

But all is good now, there are even Vietnamese vendors who would approach China tourist boats to sell their wares!

Located around 360km from main city Hanoi in Vietnam, Ban Gioc waterfall is a road less taken for tourists as of now because of its distance from major tourist destinations. But definitely in no time, this blue jade waterfall will be known as the Niagara Falls of Asia!

Credit: Amazing Things in Vietnam


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