Child genius from Singapore plays Vivaldi beautifully on violin in an orchestra in Genève, Switzerland


It would be embarassing for most of us to look back at our 11 year-old self after watching this Singaporean girl on stage. While the majority are in the playground and picking noses, Chloe Chua from Singapore wows the crowd in a competition at Geneva.

Standing alone in the midst of professional musicians in an orchestra, the 11 year-old is not afraid and shows confidence by fully immersing herself in the melody.

Chloe Chua is only 11 years old when she came in first in the Junior Joint division in Menuhin Competition

The young violinist is a student of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, a premier art institution in Asia

Prior to her latest achievement, Chloe is also a frequent performer at public concert, masterclasses and music festivals to hone her skills.

The extremely gifted musician also enjoys reading, swimming and skateboarding in her past time

Well, aside from her crazy talent and time invested in violin, Chloe shares interesting hobbies like everyone else!

 “I am very honoured to be selected to perform on such a huge international concert platform and be heard by people around the world.”

Now, her performance video has been viewed over 4 million people!

Chloe modestly shares, “I am looking forward to meeting many other young outstanding violinists, as it will be a valuable learning experience for me. The Menuhin Competition will definitely help me to become a better musician and prepare me for my future career as a professional violinist.”

Facebook user Robin Long even commented on the young Chloe’s performance, ” Very accomplished. It must be amazing how she can feel the music at this age, how she’s able to communicate with the rest of the orchestra and play flawlessly.”

Chloe could definitely be the next best violinist in years to come!

Video credit: The Violin Channel



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