Baby elephant caught rushing into gushing river to rescue a man in Thailand


Elephants are the biggest mammal on land but don’t let their large heavy body to beguile you. In fact, elephants are recognised among the most intelligent creatures on earth.

Sharing a brain that is almost as complex as humans, elephants possess the similar level of intelligence and emotions that are practised by human.

This is why it wasn’t very surprising that a baby elephant would naturally tread a heavily streamed river to rescue a creature in danger.

It happened in Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park in Thailand when Derrick, a usual volunteer in the sanctuary fell into the water

Initially playing by the riverbank, the baby elephant named Kham Lha saw a human in help and rushes into the river immediately

Unknown to Kham Lha, the man is actually not drowning as he is able to fight the current by swimming towards the riverbank.

The brave young elephant continue to make its way to the man even though the water is high and the current is strong

Once near, Kham Lha uses its trunk to hold the man while slowly makes its way to land

It is heartwarming to see this exchange between a man and an elephant because elephants are one of the few creatures (like humans) that are not born with survival instincts. We have to learn it through growing up.

Therefore it is remarkable to see a young elephant be so selfless when its survival instinct kicked in

So don’t be frightened by their size, they also have hearts that are as warm as humans.


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