Mother bird stands against a heavy construction backhoe to prevent her laid eggs being crushed


There is a reason why birds are often used as a symbol of motherhood. A mother bird archetype is notably comforting, extremely protective of their young and prominently selfless.

Tracing back to olden ages, birds have significant roles to play in the romance of goddess and portrayals in religion. For example, a dove is a companion of Venus and a common symbol of Mother Mary.

Likely, across all types of bird and down to the common pigeon species, this mother bird stands in the line of death to protect her unborn babies.

The nerve-wracking video starts with a bird standing directly next to a massively mobile vehicle tyre that is grinding the soil

We wonder why the bird didn’t move. At the close distance, most birds would have flown away! With its wings flapped half open and standing strong on its feet, it didn’t seem to be injured.

As the vehicle slowly move further from the camera, it appears that it is a heavy construction backhoe that is carrying an equipment

With the size of the bird and the construction vehicle, it definitely became a scary situation for viewers but the nightmare is not over.

The bird is still not moving when a stack of heavy machinery hovers over the bird in proximity 

It turns out it is a motherhood instinct. The brave bird is protecting her eggs from being crushed

It is such a relief to see that the bird and her eggs are safe from the ordeal. The unmoving mother bird could be crushed anytime!

Video credit: Chão Paulista


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