Smart white cockatoo hilariously shouted like a human when his owner disappears in #WhatTheFluff challenge


#WhatTheFluff challenge has been going around the world recently! It is a simple trick of a person holding a long towel in front of him and dropping the towel to magically disappear into the next doorway/hallway to fool their pet dogs.

British woman, Georgiana Iacomi decided to trick her white Cockatoo, named Angel, with #WhatTheFluff challenge. Expecting a similar response to other viral videos of the challenge, Iacomi is taken aback with a special reaction.

The cockatoo is perching peacefully on the armrest watching his human at first

In the usual split second trick, the man disapearred into the hallway and the red towel completely drops to the floor

Seeing the man gone, the surprised Angel shocked everyone by screaming “Ahhhhhh!” and flapped his wings

“Ah” is usually an universal exclamation used by a person when they are in shock, understanding, in agreeement and many more. The unnatural response from the cockatoo is probably picked from the daily conversation that he hears around the house!

To continue, Angel started pacing back and forth (again like a human!) in worry for his owner

When the owner returns, Angel went to him for reassurance and to be petted

What a precious little pet! The owner even added that “I called him Angel because he is white.”

Apparently, Angel is already quite a star for himself in the social world! Angel has his own Facebook page with more than ten thousand fans that follow him on his daily antics. If you’re fascinated with it, you may want to follow Angel here at Angel Cockatoo.

Video credit: Georgiana Iacomi


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