Caño Cristales—the most beautiful river in the world that is vibrant with explosive colours


Very close to the municipality of La Macarena, an isolated town in Bogotá, Colombia is what many consider to be the most beautiful river in the world—the Caño Cristales. 

Like many rivers, the Caño Cristales flows through a bed of rocks that are covered with green mosses.

However, the river turns into a river of explosive colours for a brief period of time between the wet and dry seasons

That is the time when the river looks like a painting of heaven

For several weeks between September and November, the floor of the river turns into bright red thanks to the unique species of aquatic plant called Macarenia Clavigera

The plant requires just the right level of water to reflect its colour against the crystal clear water.

Its brilliant red colour shines through the river as the plant clings on to the black rocks underneath the water

Along with the yellow sand, blue water, and green mosses that grow on rocks underwater, it is hard to ignore the majestic splotches of colours that makes the Caño Cristales looks breathtakingly spectacular

If you are interested to pay a visit to see this river of rainbow, the best time to visit the Caño Cristales is between June and November.

In June, the river just begins its transformation with a soft palette like rosy pink but as the season pass through to November, the colours gradually turn intense, making a beautiful contrast against the lush green backdrop

Watch this video of river Caño Cristales to see how majestic and spectacular this river is in real life


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