Hilarious moment kitten slowly walks away in a failed hunting attempt after realising mouse is not as small as he thinks it is


As natural hunters, cats love to hunt and small animals like mouse make an easy prey for them.

Or as this kitten thought at first.

In this hilarious video, this kitten can be seen trying to put his hunting instinct and skills to practice when it sees a mouse sitting on the couch in a living room.

Not to startle his potential prey away, the kitten slowly sneaks to approach the unsuspecting mouse

When the kitten is finally just inches away from the mouse, it realises that the mouse may not be as small as he thinks it will be

Unfortunately, the mouse is at least equally big as the kitten is.

Look at how surprised the kitten is when the mouse stands on its hind legs!

In just seconds, what should be a huge hunting moment turns into an embarrassing incident for the kitten.

Luckily, the mouse does not attack the kitten.

The hilarious video ends with the mouse looking at the kitten as the timid feline walks the walk of shame away from the mouse

The video was first posted on Instagram by the owner of the mouse and the kitten where it has gained thousands of views. As of the time of writing, the video has been watched 51,285 times.

Watch the hilarious moment this kitten realises that the mouse is not as small as he thinks it is here


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