These trash collector machines help to collect trash and clean the rivers


It remains as one of the biggest worries in these days that our bodies of water are severely polluted with tonnes of garbage.

From plastic bags, polystyrene food containers to old fridges and kitchen utensils, there are all sorts of pollutants floating around in our waters.

These pollutants will certainly stay in the water unless proper actions are made to collect them.

Thanks to this innovative technology, rivers and lakes that are free of garbage are not a picture of the past anymore

These garbage collector machines are powerful enough to collect tonnes of garbage floating in the water

The machines function by lifting any floating debris or rubbish from the water and dumps them into the deposit inside the machines

These garbage collector machines have helped to reduce pollutants in many waters in cleanup projects

These machines may have contributed a huge help to keep the rivers clean for us but we also need to do our parts for the environment.

It is important to note that while you may have never discarded rubbish directly into rivers, the rubbish that you discard on the roadsides or anywhere but the rubbish bin will eventually make their way to the rivers.

Watch how these incredible garbage collector machines collect trash in the river here


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