This is how a 3D BMW cake is made


When it comes to cakes, typical shapes such as rectangle and circle come to mind but do you know that there are all sorts of decorated cake that you can get these days?

Even in any designs that you want including a BMW car!

In this video, this custom-made cake is designed in the shape of a mini BMW car that looks just like the one in real life.

This cake even has everything that you expect from a car; rims, tires, windshields, headlights and even the BMW logo on the hood

However, the making of this customised cake is not easy as it requires precision, techniques, and creativity from the baker.

In the video, the baker starts off with putting a template of a car onto a layer of sponge cake. The excess cake is then cut off to make the base of the cake

The baker then makes several other layers of sponge cake on top of the base

The layers of sponge cake are then shaped to form a car according to the template

It is later gently covered in a black fondant

All is left to do is to add other detailings like tires, logo, mirrors and such which also use fondant as the base

The result is one customised cake in the shape of a BMW car! At first glance, it looks so real that it does not look like a cake at all

Watch the making of this beautiful custom-made cake in this video here


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