This is how the adorable version of mini-sized NBA looks like where the players are cute parakeets


Apart from imitating sounds and performing tricks, parakeets also love playing sports and do not be surprised because they are really good at it!

Provide these feathered buddies with a lightweight ball and you will get to see them enthusiastically slam dunking the ball into the net.

As seen in the video, four parakeets are having a fun time playing basketball with each other

The parakeets may look gentle on the outside of the basketball court but as soon as they are given a ball and tasty treat is on the line, these gentle parakeets try their best to score as many as they can to win the game.

The game definitely looks fierce as each of the parakeets gets more competitive as the game progresses

Just look at them trying to dunk the mini-sized basketball into the mini net to earn the delicious treat.

In the video, every parakeet who successfully puts the ball through the hoop is rewarded with some treat

It is just amazing to see these parakeets showing off their athletic skills with this adorable, mini-sized basketball match

These intelligent birds definitely easy to pick up the rules of the game.

They easily figure out that all they have to do is to score a point by slam dunking the ball through the hoop and to protect the ball from their feathery opponents 

We bet if there is a real-life basketball competition for parakeets to enter, we will all be too distracted by how adorable they are!

Watch this intense mini-sized basketball game between parakeets in this video here


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