Woman born without arms and legs is the CrossFit workout sensation


Born with no limbs is never an excuse for this amazing woman from Canada who has gone viral for her insanely intense CrossFit workout routines.

Her typical workout routines include heavy weight lifting and workout of the day which includes pull-ups, push-ups, and squats.

Meet Lindsay Hilton from Halifax, Canada who was born with no arms and legs

In spite of her disability, Lindsay is one of the best rugby players in her high school

This inspiring woman had also impressed everyone by completing 34 burpees in under a minute.

After winning the burpee contest, Lindsay turned to CrossFit which she later learned how to do heavy weightlifting, cardio and bodyweight exercises

Videos of her doing workout have reached millions of views which leads to her being a CrossFit sensation 

In her videos, Lindsay does adapted version of CrossFit workouts that accommodates her needs.

One of her own adaptation to the workouts includes her attaching velcro straps to a chain to allow her to perform the clean and press

According to Lindsay, her adaptations are the results of trials and errors

She added that while she may not be able to do certain workouts due to her physical condition, it does not stop her from figuring out the best way to complete the workout routines that she can do.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Lindsay said that many people called her inspiring and motivational but she said that she is not doing it for the show.

“I don’t see myself as different than anybody else. I’m not setting out to be inspirational. I’m trying to do things that I enjoy and that challenge me.”

Watch how she does her typical CrossFit workout in this video here

Credit: The Washington Post


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