Youngest contestant on “America’s Got Talent”, 5-year-old Sophie Fatu impresses everyone with lively rendition of “New York, New York”


Sophie Fatu may only be a five-year-old girl but this little girl can proudly say to the world that she has stunned everyone with her impressive vocal on the audition stage of “America’s Got Talent”.

In the episode of one of the world’s biggest reality show, Sophie Fatu belts out Frank Sinatra’s classic number, “New York, New York” in front of millions of audience in the studio and at home.

The adorable girl is the youngest contestant ever to enter “America’s Got Talent” and it is not an overstatement to say she is certainly the youngest talented person ever in the show’s history

The judges, especially Simon Cowell who is famous for his scathing remarks were captivated by the girl’s precious smile and bright personality.

With her dazzling bright pink dress, the little girl performs a lively rendition of the classic number by Sinatra

Sophie turns to melt more hearts in the studio when she impresses everyone with her unexpectedly beautiful voice

The girl’s adorable version of “New York, New York” has definitely caught the judges by surprise

She has previously sung a beautiful rendition of “My Way” for her audition stage.

It goes the same to the other three judges who are equally captivated by Sophie’s stage presence and vocal

Judge Mel B even likens her vocal to an angel!

Well done, Sophie!

Watch the youngest contestant in AGT’s history, Sophie Fatu sings perfect rendition of “My Way” here


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