Coconut-carrying octopus stuns researchers as it uses the shell to protect itself from predators


In 2015, a hilarious footage of an octopus using a broken coconut shell as a shield against predators has got the entire world burst into laughter.

In the video, the octopus is caught carrying coconut shells when it is exploring the area to hide from potential predators.

It is the first time scientists have seen such behaviour in octopuses to use tools to protects themselves from the dangers lurking at the bottom of the ocean

Julian Finn, a researcher from the Victoria Museum in Australia who was among the first to see the footage said that it nearly killed him.

“I almost drowned laughing when I saw this the first time,” Finn commented in an interview with BBC.

“I could tell it was going to do something, but I didn’t expect this – I didn’t expect it would pick up the shell and run away with it.”

This month, one photographer managed to capture the same sight of an octopus recreating the viral footage of the octopus in a coconut shell

Source: Youtube

However, the latest photo of an octopus using a tool to protect itself shows a striking difference to the previous footage.

In fact, it is heartbreaking

Source: Youtube

The photograph shot underwater shows an octopus clinging on to a plastic soap dish

Source: Youtube

The heartbreaking photo reveals a lot about how severe plastic pollution is.

It is truly upsetting to see animals receiving all the consequences that humans do the environment

Source: Youtube

It is predicted that more plastics than fish in the ocean by 2050.

Watch the viral footage of the octopus who tries to hide with coconut shell here

Credit: BBC | YouTube


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