World-famous calligrapher Sebastian Lester whose clients include Nike, Apple and NASA reveals his secret on how to stay creative


While many people still struggle to produce decent and readable handwriting, this man can easily transform a blank white paper into a piece of art with his calligraphy.

Meet the most talented and famous calligrapher in the world, Sebastian Lester whose clients included giant corporations such as NASA, Nike, Apple, The New York Times and Intel.

The artist and designer who goes with the nickname “Seb” is probably the most coveted calligrapher when it comes to this decorative art and it is not hard to see why

Seb is also the important person behind the popular video recreating Adidas logo.

The video which features him recreating the popular logo quickly went viral as soon as it was posted on social media, shooting him to stardom in seconds

The video has been viewed over 15 million times.

In an interview with Skillshare, the artist explained that it had always been crucial for him to experiment with different calligraphy pens

This is also one of his secrets to stay creative and to come up with interesting styles and designs 

“A tool is basically a tone of voice, or it’s a range of voices” Seb told Skillshare.

“One of the pleasures, of calligraphy is finding what the strengths of respective tools are and what you can do with them.”

Watch how Seb creates his masterpieces in this video here

Credit: Skillshare


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