Hilarious rock-paper-scissors game ends with losers get their face covered with flour!


Rock-paper-scissors is a game usually played between two people where the players throw a hand sign in the form of rock, paper or scissors to beat their opponent.

This simple game works according to logic as to how these shapes can beat one another in real life. For example, a player who throws a handmade shape in the form of rock can beat a player who throws scissors.

The same applies between paper and rock where the player who chooses to throw a rock will lose to the player who chooses to throw paper.

Like other games such as throwing dice, flipping coins or drawing straws, rock-paper-scissors also works randomly.

Nonetheless, the players can use their skills to recognise and exploit their opponent’s non-random behaviour to predict what they will choose to throw in the next round.

While this game is sometimes used to settle a dispute or make an unbiased group decision, many people have played the game for fun, like this family

However, their pride and face are at stake and those who lose will get a smack in the face with flour!

In the video, it seems that everyone has their face covered with some flour

Looks like no one can escape from the hilarious penalty when they lose!

Watch this family plays a hilarious version of rock-paper-scissors here


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