Kitten calms his friend duckling down with an adorable hug after a fight


It is common to see cats clawing and dogs barking angrily to each other but have you ever seen a fight between a cat and a kitten?

Apparently, these two species are also in a love-hate relationship with each other.

One minute they are hugging and playing together, the next minute they are fighting like sworn enemies.

This video shows a kitten and a duckling playing with each other on the yard when suddenly they get into a fight

The duckling suddenly uses his beak to peck at the kitten, causing the kitten to be startled by the unexpected change of mood

Alarmed by the sudden attack, the kitten later counterattacks the duckling’s pecking by using its adorable paw to calm the angry duckling

However, the kitten’s action is misunderstood by the duckling who continue to peck the tiny feline.

“Hey, hey, stop! Why are you being like this?”

When it seems that his action fails to stop the duckling from pecking him, the kitten does the ultimate counterattack—hugging his friend to calm him down

Luckily, his hug manages to calm the duckling down 

Later, the two friends resume their friendly tease and play as they gently poke each other with their paws and beak.

Watch these two cute friends resolve their dispute and make up after an intense fight here


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