Smart dog helps lending a helping paw at his owner’s potato farm


This puppy may be the most hardworking and smart puppy in the world as he can do just about everything to help his owner at their farm.

In the video, the black puppy can be seen lending his helping paw to plant potatoes.

According to his owner, the puppy is willingly working without being told and decided to complete his work on his own

He efficiently covers all the potato seeds with soil as he moves from one spot to another

The puppy looks incredibly at ease at doing his job, most probably because he has seen his owner doing it for a dozen times

Working at a potato farm is not definitely not easy. The soil has to be ploughed and furrows have to be made in rows before potato seeds can be planted.

On top of that, one has to make sure that the potato seeds are not planted too close to each other and leaves an ample gap between them so that the crops do not pile up against each other once they grow.

Every step in this process is done by the puppy and he also helps in carrying water and harvesting crops

The owner must be truly fortunate to have such a helpful dog to help him at the farm and the puppy seems to be more than happy to help him.

Watch how this diligent puppy helps his owner at the farm here


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