Smart parakeet pulls off incredibly accurate impression of a crying baby


Many bird lovers sure love having a parakeet as a pet for many reasons but one of the things that fascinate them the most is obviously the incredible talent of the birds imitating sounds.

From imitating the way their owner talk to the sound of ambulance’s siren, parakeets do make insanely accurate and hilarious impressions.

However, this parakeet has the ability to imitate like no other parakeets can pull off—it can make an amazing impression of a crying baby!

Apparently, the famous saying “seeing is believing” does not apply in this parakeet’s video. You have to listen to believe it since it sounds incredibly similar!

In the video, the parakeet is in the company of its owners when suddenly one of them scolds it in a joking manner.

The bird later gives an unexpected reaction that none of them are expecting. In a hilarious attempt to react to the ‘scolding’, the parakeet gives a reaction as any child when his or her pacifier is taken away.

The video has already gained two million views on Facebook and hundreds of comments from viewers who cannot believe their ears.

Who knows that a parakeet can imitate the sound of a crying baby? Well, this one parakeet absolutely able to do it!

Watch how this smart parakeet pulls off this incredible imitation of a crying baby in this video here


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