After 3 years, old man in Georgia finally found his dog that he had sadly lost to be living as a stray


They may just be pets to us, but we, as owners, are their whole world. This is probably what was felt by Giorgi Berejiani and his beloved mutt, Jorge when they were unfatefully separated for 3 whole years.

Jorge went missing in 2015 and Berejiani searched for him everywhere

Berejiana knocked on neighbor’s doors and locals to help the search for his only pet in Tblilisi, Georgia.

But Jorge mysteriously disappear from the neighborhood and days became months and it turned to years

The connection between them is so strong that Berejiana never lost hope of reuniting with his cherished dog.

One day, Berejiani was riding in the bus when he saw a dog like Jorge on the streets 

He called out to Jorge and the dog wailed in tears when his owner found him

Jorge even have a tag on his ear. In Tbilisi, the municipal service tag stray dogs to indicate that they have been vaccinated.

It means that Jorge have been living as a stray since he went missing!

The reunion bring tears to eyes as both the owner and dog cling on to each other in excitement and happiness

Youtube user Nancy Bernard even shared her experience that resonates with this long-awaited reunion:

“This video made my day! I had a similar experience years ago. We were lucky to have found our little guy, we searched for a week. This dog looks very healthy, but now he is back home with the man he loves. Clearly, this man and dog had a very, loving relationship! Stories like this are so welcomed with all the cruelty in the world, it restores my faith in humanity!”

Watch how the man called out to his long-lost dog and you’ll be moved to tears!

Video credit: Temo Paghava


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