This is how the nostalgic song from “The Lion King”, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is recorded


Many of us can still recall sitting across the television as a child to watch those animation films from Disney.

It is an overstatement to say that these animation films like The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Pocahontas have touched our hearts and taught us values of love and loyalty.

Along with their amazing soundtracks, it is not hard to sit through the films for hours.

However, not many know how these animation films record their soundtracks and for this, we present to you how one of these nostalgic songs, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” from the film “The Lion King” came to life in the studio

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” was originally composed and sang by a Zulu native, Solomon Linda with the Evening Birds for the South African Gallo Record Company in 1939.

Since its release, the song has enjoyed being covered by many artists and it reaches its peak popularity when Disney used it in their film, “The Lion King”.

Thanks to the splendid rhythm of the song, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is a part of the childhood of millions of people around the world.

And it is definitely spectacular to see how they recorded the song!

Arranged as a chorus, each of the singers recreated the different sounds that the song has.

It takes at least 22 singers to perfectly achieve the famous piece that resonates with many hearts

Those animal sounds in the song are, in fact, are not real and they were produced in the studio on microphones!

Watch how “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is recorded here


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