Brave Indian boy boldly fends off hungry stray dogs to protect his friend


These five-year-old friends were walking in an alley when suddenly they were surrounded by hungry stray dogs. What happened next quickly went wild on the internet.

Little Chandu and Pooja were walking together in an alley as they wandered around after a family get-together.

A footage shows that the children were holding hands as they walked together before the two stopped upon seeing a group of stray dogs resting on the roadside

Unfortunately, what seemed like a harmless encounter turned into a potentially lethal attack when the dogs suddenly ran toward the pair and started to bark viciously.

Pooja later can be seen running off into the distance to alert their family members about the incident

However, Chandu seemed unfazed by the stray dogs’ barking as he put on a bold move to defend himself against the stray canines.

The footage later shows that the boy threw a punch in the air towards the dogs. His countermove seemed to work as the dogs looked startled.

Chandu later tried to run to safety but unfortunately, one of the four dogs jumped from nearby and stopped him

Luckily, the boy was not intimated by the dogs and he began to fend off the dogs by showing his fist to them.

Fortunately, his courageous move scared the dogs and they quickly ran away

The incident was captured in Hyderabad, India where cases of being attacked by stray dogs are prevalent.

Watch how bravely Chandu fights back when the stray dogs try to attack him here

Credit: Daily Mail 


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