Photographer captures hilarious reactions of wild animals when they see their reflection in a mirror for the first time


Humans are able to recognise themselves when they look into a mirror but can animals do the same?

Unlike humans, animals mostly identify whether a territory or object belongs to them or other animals through scent, sound, and sight. However, one question remains unsettled is whether animals can recognise themselves if they look into a mirror or not.

In an attempt to find out the answer, French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre travelled to Gabon to set up a large mirror in several locations in the jungle

Source: Caters News Agency

The mirrors were used to attract animals passing by the locations and he also installed hidden cameras on the locations to capture the animals’ reaction

Source: Caters News Agency

The cameras worked by detecting any movements of wild animals which walked nearby.

While the mirror test was not exactly reliable enough to tell whether scent-centric animals like dogs and cats can recognise themselves on a mirror, the test can tell a lot about animals which are dependent on visuals.

Like when a silverback gorilla seemed to think that his reflection in the mirror was his rival and threw an aggressive punch into the glass

Source: Caters News Agency

Meanwhile, one of two leopards which passed by the mirror extended his paw towards his reflection.

Most animals react to their reflection on a mirror with aggressive behaviour but there are some animals that seem to be able to recognise themselves when looking into a mirror.

Some of the animals are a group of chimpanzees which used the mirror to groom and check themselves out in a hilarious manner

Source: Caters News Agency

Some even went further to flirt and seduce their reflection, thinking that the reflection was of opposite gender like what happened to one female leopard

Source: Caters News Agency

Whether or not these animals could recognise their reflection, their reactions are certainly epic and hilarious!

Watch their reactions in this video here


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