Amazing footage of giant stingray emerging from water to greet boy in its morning routine


While most people start their morning off with a brief walk in the park with their dog, this boy goes to the harbour to greet his huge stingray friend.

The incredible footage shows the boy goes to visit his giant stingray friend at the harbour and feeds it.

The boy dressed in a white tank top and red shorts can be seen walking up to the edge of the dock before an unbelievably giant stingray swims right up to the spot where the boy is standing.

The giant stingray may look lethal and wild but as soon as it catches a glimpse of the boy, it quickly emerges from the water to greet him!

In the meantime, the boy seems unfazed by the giant stingray, looking completely at ease as he gently pats the stingray’s head.

At the first glance, the stingray looks gentle and calm just like a dog greeting its owner in the morning.

The video also shows the boy feeding the stingray with some food.

At one point of the video, the boy splashes the surface of the water to tease his aquatic friend and the stingray swims closer to him just seconds later.

The video was captured off the coast of northwestern Africa on Spain’s Canary Island.

The island is the home of various types of stingrays and it is not uncommon to see schools of fish gathering near the docks including this friendly stingray.

Watch this amazing video of the boy patting the stingray like a dog here

Source: YouTube/gekkovision 


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