Autumn-loving bunny loves playing with dried leaves with her owner


It is the autumn season and this rabbit loves nothing more than playing with the dried autumn leaves with her owner.

In an adorable video, the rabbit named Bun Bun is more excited than everyone else when loads of dried autumn leaves cover the ground within her enclosure.

The playful rabbit jumps in the air when her owner tosses some of the rust-coloured leaves in the air

Bun Bun is a rescue bunny. She was found abandoned on the road in the countryside and was left to fend for herself.

The couple took her in and adopted her as their new bunny pet

Rabbits make a wonderful indoor pet but they also enjoy playing outdoor. This furry animals is usually affectionate and gentle.

However, it is important to always spend time with them as they can get into trouble if they get bored by chewing up your furniture if you don’t provide toys or entertainment.

It is important to know what your pet rabbit loves to do.

For this couple, it seems that they only just found out that Bun Bun loves autumn and playing with dried autumn leaves in the yard.

“Guess we figured out how to play with her,” the lady says as she captures the heartwarming moment on camera

Look at how her owner teases her and she falls for his trick

When her owners laugh at her adorable reaction, Bun Bun looks at them with her big eyes as if confused by the situation

This bunny is too cute!

Watch more of her adorable videos and pictures on her Facebook.

In the meantime, why not watch this video of Bun Bun getting excited by dried leaves here


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