Compilation of heartwarming videos of owners and animals sharing a hug that will melt your heart


It is a fact that animals cannot talk like humans but that does not mean they are not able to express their feelings and emotions.

They know our pain, love, and excitement just by looking at us and without having to say a word.

In this video, we can see some of the heartwarming moments between humans and animals as they share a hug together.

And it is not just dogs and cats who love to receive and give affection to their owner. Apparently, animals like horses, ducks and even lions can express their love and affection through a hug.

Like this boy here when he opens his arms wide and the duck slowly walks towards him to receive a hug

This video also shows that birds enjoy a hug from humans! As seen in the video, a huge owl looks calm and comfortable as it enjoys being hugged by a little girl

Even kangaroos cannot resist a good petting and hug time!

This is a truly touching moment when an animal knows just how the human feels

These lions definitely love a good cuddling session after they have not met their owner for a long time. 

Can you see the horse smiles when the owner pets its head? 

Watch more of these beautiful moments in this video compilation here


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