Heartwarming moments animals try their best to help save other animals


Animals may not be able to express their thoughts and feelings like us humans but that does not mean they do not have the slightest compassion bone in their body.

Caught candid on camera, these animals show their best side and compassionate when it comes to helping fellow animals.

While the animals in the dire help are not from the same species, these warm-hearted animals do not pause to have a second thought and immediately rescue them.

Like this adorable ragdoll cat here who notices that his fellow Nemo friend is stuck in the shallow water

While other cats may have taken this opportunity to eat the fish, this cat gently pushes the fish back to the deeper water

Meanwhile, somewhere in Budapest, Hungary, a friendly brown bear helps to rescue his feathered friend who accidentally falls into his pool.

The bear dips his paw and grabs hold of the poor bird. In just seconds, the bear manages to bring the bird to the dry ground

Luckily, the bird comes to alive after the rescue, thanks to the quick action of the bear.

Like the kind bear, this dog goes through a similar incident where he discovers a stranded fish, desperately gasping for air on the cemented floor.

As if he knows that fish needs water to survive, the dog tries his best to splash some water onto the fish 

These three animals prove that kindness and compassion go beyond species so what excuses do we have for not doing the same?

Check out this heartwarming video compilation here  


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